A downloadable USSR for Windows

---A message to you!---

This Game Is Still In EXTREMELY Early Development. So I would Love To see what features you would love to see added! I will try to update as regularly as i am able to do so! So Please Enjoy And See You Guys Soon!   

---Game Info---

To The Eastern Front is a WII game taking place at the Eastern Front of the war. You are a Soviet Red Soldier. Your name is Boris Yazenski. You joined the army after your family was killed by the (at the time) fast advancing Germans. You are part of the 21st division. You were trained in Stalingrad, during the summer. But 2 days after you finished your training, the Fascist bastards had already reached the gates of Stalingrad. Now it is your time to fight for the Motherland by taking back the Streets of Stalingrad! For The Motherland

---Development Log---

First Release (version 0.0.1)

Large Update(version 0.0.8)

---Patch Notes---

0.0: New Front Page

0.½: Finished Basic tutorial and added sprites for new guns!

0.8: Improved graphics, guns and ammo+health creates!

Install instructions

-1 Download

-2 Press executable

-3 Enjoy!


To The Eastern Front V.0.0.1.exe 5 MB
To The Eastern Front V.0.0.2.exe 5 MB
To The Eastern Front V. 12 MB
To The Western Front V. 9 MB
To The Eastern Front V.0.09.5.exe 15 MB

Development log


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I Hope You Guys Like This Game! It Is My First Game Released On Itch.io.